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ColourVue Contact Lenses

MaxVUE Vision ColourVUE Coloured Contact Lenses
MaxVUE Vision presents to you the New Exciting range of ColourVUE Colored Contact Lenses. Not just the traditional 3 Tone Lenses, but also latest Fusion Colors, Big Eyes Series and Glamour designs, Light Enhancers and Glow lenses.
ColourVue 3 Tone Contact Lenses ColourVUE 3 Tone Color Contact Lenses
ColourVUE 3 Tone Color Contact Lenses ColourVUE 3 Tones, with Perfect Blend Color Technology, the most beautiful natural looking 3 Tone design. Available in Violet, Blue, Aqua, Green, Gray and Brown. View the range of ColourVUE 3 Tone Lenses.
Colourvue Fusion Colored Contact Lenses ColourVUE Fusion
A creative mix of colors that creates a beautiful colour shade. Available in Gray/Violet, Gray/Blue, Blue/Yellow, Green/Yellow, Hazel/Yellow. View the range of ColourVUE Fusion Lenses.
Colourvue Glamour Contact Lenses ColourVUE Glamour
The ColourVUE Glamour series creates a vibrant color change with a defined outer black circle for big glamorous looking eyes. These lenses are suitable for people with both dark and light coloured eyes. The lenses use a patented Hydrogel material which is high in oxygen permeability, providing exceptional comfort. View the range of ColourVUE Glamour Lenses.
Colourvue Big Eyes ColourVUE Big Eyes
ColourVUE Big Eyes Circle Contact Lens creates truly BIG EYES, adding beautiful colour shades and blending designs.The lenses are made of a patented Hydrogel material which high oxygen permeability which provides exceptional comfort to the wearer. Big Eyes are available in the following colours: Ultra Violet, Cool Blue, Dolly Black, Party Green, Pretty Hazel, Sexy Brown and Natural Ring. View the range of ColourVUE Big Eyes Lenses.
  ColourVUE Light Enhancers
ColourVUE LE Light Enhancers produce an elegant light effect which enhances your natural eye colour. Available in six colours: Aqua, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green & Violet. View the range of ColourVUE Light Enhancers.
Colourvue Glow Contact Lenses ColourVUE Glow
ColourVUE Glow contact lenses illuminate and glow under disco lights. Available in four funky fluorescent colours - Glow Red, Glow Yellow, Glow Green and Glow Blue. View the range of ColourVUE Glow contact lenses.

ColourVUE Contact Lens Specifications:
Power Range Base Curve Diameter Center Thickness Water Content
0 (Plano) 8.60 mm 14.0mm 0.06mm at -3.00D 45%
Material: Hydrogel Terpolymer.
Durability: 3 month everyday use.
Package contains 2 blister sealed contact lenses per box.

New Products For September - ColourVue Contact Lenses

Glow Blue
Glow Blue

Glow Red
Glow Red